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Mike Lathigee, has spent the last ten years rebuilding his reputation after the collapse of his last company. Here are some words from several of the club members who have interacted with Mike:

Mike Lathigee has gone to extraordinary lengths in conveying his experiences from the past.

Including the good & the bad.

We all stumble and fall.

It is those who continue, prevail and then succeed that seem to draw the ire of those who are unwilling or unable to do the same.

There is a saying
Those who can – do
Those who cannot – teach
But it also seems that those who cannot – do or teach – persecute!

Mike has focused his fierce criticism on the ‘traditional’ investment models – & included the regulatory bodies, and their lawyers, within this focus.

10 years ago, after the meltdown of ’08/’09 these lawyers found a weakness & they pounced. 

They have been relentless in their scrutiny in the years since, in the attempt to add fodder to their agenda – but to no avail.

Mike will not back down and neither will they desist in perusing an agenda the source of which he has discussed ad nauseam – and really is quite dated.

The whole issue is covered in the document ‘My name is Mike Lathigee’ for those who care to read it.

He has relationships with a group of accredited / sophisticated investors which (in most cases) spanning many, many years.

Highly educated with various skill sets they interact closely with Mike on current deals and deals they have cashed out on.

There can be fewer relationships as volatile – as they kind they have with Mike – and yet they will enthusiastically endorse this man.

We leave it to the reader to decide their own mind, however; state for the record that Mike has always worked to the best results for his investors and will continue to do so regardless of the consequences.


My name is Mike Lathigee.


I am the Founder of the Investment Club of America (formerly the Las Vegas Investment Club).


For well over a decade I have been an outspoken advocate for investors in the face of ‘traditional’ investment practices.

Investment advisors, banks and regulatory lawyers have suffered intense critical scrutiny under my focus (conveyed to tens of thousands of people – over the years).

As a result – I have had an impact on the ways in which those people (who have heard my messages) view the ‘system’ and as a result – invest !

I have made enemies – especially among the powerful entities and people who have grown wealthy and continue to prosper in the ‘traditional’ models.


After the meltdown of ’08 – the TD Bank in British Columbia, Canada (where my business was located at the time) utilized mercenary tactics and forced me into insolvency – even though my loans were completely up to date. This is well documented in my fight on behalf of investors; however, the effects were devastating.


For an idea of what this fight entailed – Please click on the link below to see my letter to the President and CEO of TD Bank. Feb 17, 2011

I also came within reach of the British Columbia Securities Commission’s lawyers.

Utilizing ‘non disclosure’ (ubiquitous in securities language and almost impossible to defend against) as the basis of a case against me – these regulatory lawyers made a decision to assess me a

$21.7 m fine.

Even though the fines they have assessed in (what could be considered) similar circumstances – range significantly lower.

I submit that the ‘back story’ related to my criticism of this group underscores why a case was made in the first place, why the case was advanced – as well as the fine and its excessive nature.

Without it – this case being brought against me would have been truly bewildering.


This is underscored by the fact that even the BCSC regulatory lawyers admited that there was no evidence (beyond a modest salary) that I received any gain personally.

I will not linger on this any further here – Other than to say that ‘vindictive’ seems an apt adjective to apply to this ludicrous and clearly excessive fine – and that I will continue to fight against it and the judgment that produced it.


(An appeal is currently underway on the BCSC judgement – with the Supreme Court in Nevada).

I make no secret of this Civil Fraud case, its outcome and ongoing appeal. That said, I will continue & remain committed to speak out wherever and whenever – I see fault within the system.


(My 352 page book called The Investment Revolution is a scathing overview of the financial system and financial brokers and service agents).


Please go to mikelathigee.com and vindicationforlathigee.com and see there are 2 sides to everything.