Dear Mike,

I just wanted to take the time to formally thank you for supporting my efforts to understand & deal with the dubious Golf Dome investment property failure.  Between your internet posts regarding Phoenix Land Ventures, the additional information you shared, the guidance & encouragement, and legal connections in Canada you exposed the real estate scams related to John Tansowny & Dennis O’Dowd of Phoenix Land Ventures.  Not only that!  We won a Caveat judgement on the Golf Dome property, negotiated a $368,000 payment, and won an additional $1.2M judgment against Phoenix Land Ventures.

None of that would have happened without your continued help & support.

On behalf of myself & the 45 other Alberta Fund 1 investors residing in the United States, I would like to again thank you for your willingness to take the time & share critical information that led to some positive results.

Since roughly 2015 I had been trying to understand why our money with John Tansowny & Dennis O’Dowd was disappearing.  Your internet post dated October 19, 2016, regarding Honorable Justice Ronald Berger comments relating to the FIC vs Phoenix Land Ventures exposed the truth about what Tansowny & O’Dowd were doing to innocent investors.  

If it wasn’t for your internet postings, our group of investors would have never known the extent Tansowny & O’Dowd went to essentially misappropriate our entire $2M investment.  You outlined the now well-known tactic of “Skip Transferring” properties, which Tansowny & O’Dowd did to us.  FIC clearly uncovered the manipulated financial statements Phoenix was producing specifically related to the Golf Dome property.  The forensic audit & court judgements by Justice Hillier further explained how they misappropriated money from our investment group.  All tactics used in the Phoenix real estate investment scheme.

If that was not enough, I had to lean on your support one more time!  The Managing Director of Alberta Fund, Craig Nelson, was unwilling to pursue the $1.2 judgement as initially he was involved in their scam.  He receive broker fees and was not a broker and as we later discovered was himself the subject of a previous securities investigation.  Once again you came to our aid and you were able to provide guidance on how to apply pressure on Craig Nelson and now we are underway to collect the monies..  I can only hope your efforts continue to pay off for Alberta Fund investors.

While the money recovered to this point is a small fraction of what was taken, I will always be grateful for your assistance and never once did you ever ask for any compensation despite countless hours of assistance over many years. 

Finally, I will say initially I saw the online postings about you and I was reluctant to contact you however, you were at all times transparent, helpful and honest and your only goals were to help us as “victims” recover our monies.  Thank you from all of us!.  


Carson Heck

Alberta Fund 1 investor