Mr. Travis Krauss


To Whom It May Concern:

In the fall of 2015, Mike and I were introduced by a common acquaintance and shortly thereafter we began discussions pertaining to business investments. I quickly learned of Mike’s leading efforts in other business endeavors and investments, including a local Las Vegas investment club, a large gym franchise, etc as well as his involvement in a former real estate investment deal of the past.
Before meeting Mike, I was a soldier turned entrepreneur. I began my adult life in military Special Operations, being both an Airborne Ranger in the 1st Ranger Bn and an Operator in Delta Force. In my time I deployed to combat in multiple countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, I was the youngest person in the Army to make the E-8 / MSG promotion list, and I am a Bronze Star Medal recipient from early on in the war, for engaging in a high risk operation, which led us to within 2 km of Osama Bin Laden before we were told to cease advancement.
In 2009, I made the leap into business by starting my first company, which was a defense-contracting firm. This company has a focus within the military and government Special Operations sector, maintains a Federal Explosives License as well as a Federal Firearms License, possesses a TOP SECRET clearance (thus we are under constant scrutiny), and is still flourishing today.
In 2014, I made the leap into the amusement sector, in Las Vegas, and started another company. In doing so, I allowed a small select group of investors to participate.
Mike had an interest in helping one of my companies Adventure Combat Ops, of which the primary attraction is “Apocalypse Vegas – The Special Ops Experience”.
Early on, Mike was very transparent in response to any potential skepticism on my part. Even though he was the one at risk, he explained to me about past allegations against him and then he encouraged me to do my own research on him. As an intelligent business owner, I did so and it was easy to wade through the noise of media and unqualified subjective opinions to determine my own findings. It is of my opinion that the following factors played into effect:
– Mike’s participation had many other involved parties and it seemed apparent that he was used as a scape goat to some extent
– Business and investment efforts involve risk and when they don’t work out, it doesn’t mean that there were dishonest agendas
o There were multiple factors that lead to investor dissatisfaction , but I am of the opinion that none of those factors involved anything dishonest or irresponsible on Mike’s half
– The government became involved on various levels, which can tie the hands of the commercial and private sectors’ abilities

My personal findings in Mike are that he has the utmost integrity and humble character when it comes to helping and taking care of others. Not only did Mike manage his team’s $300k investment into Adventure Combat Ops without any fee, but he recouped and paid back 100% of the investment to his parties before he took any returns for himself. Truth be told, I am not sure that he has taken any returns to date. Nonetheless, he played a pivotal role in mentoring me and chairing our board of advisors on multiple occasions along the way and his conduct was always in the capacity of protecting others and success of the team first. Never have I witnessed Mike’s concern for himself. Furthermore, Mike is of the character where he has even offered to provide short term, interest free loans to me, of up to $30k, should I find myself in a tight spot. His simply response to my request was that he had no issues in trusting me. It is necessary to understand that this does not highlight my character, as it actually highlights Mike’s. Untrustworthy men do not trust others.
I have seen Mike work tirelessly to continue to help others and watch out for their best interest, in a time when many other men would have given up. Men do not continue to endeavor as Mike has, unless they feel that their efforts are truly a calling for the better good of others.
I can whole-heartedly tell you that I trust Mike with anything that I have and that I would have no reservations about doing future business with him. Moreover, I will continue to seek Mike’s advise pertaining to business and financials, not only due to his intelligence and experience, but because of his selfless character towards how he considers others first in his decisions.
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