More Vindication for Michael (Mike) Lathigee!

I continue to work for my former investors and win cases. I am in the process of winning another case. This is the case against Kenneth Horne and Arlene Horne who colluded with our legal Counsel at the time (Malcolm Lennie). It is outrageous that Malcolm Lennie (as our attorney) did not disclose that he… Continue reading More Vindication for Michael (Mike) Lathigee!

Lathigee Finally Receives Vindication!

I am delighted to attach a copy of the decision of The Court of Appeal of Alberta. To revisit a little history, as CEO of FIC Group of Companies, I initiated an internal investigation of John Tansowny as VP of Real Estate for concerns regarding his conduct related to representing the fiduciary responsibilities and obligations… Continue reading Lathigee Finally Receives Vindication!