Vancouver Sun Reporter writes False and Misleading information about Mike Lathigee

Please see the complete email thread with Vancouver Reporter, Gordon Hoekstra. He has written the same story four times and refused to print a retraction on his inaccurate reporting

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Subject: RE: Vancouver Sun: Question – what next – after rehearing denied


I am disappointed but not surprised that you would not answer any of my

questions below.  I took more than one hour to write you an update and as a

courtesy asked that you respond to my valid questions which you have

ignored. I guess all I can do is post this email thread to my blog as a

public record.

Anyway at this point the bar is very low on any expectations of fair

reporting given the damage your reporting has caused in the past with

information that was incorrect.   Again as an example,  your article on my

home was factually incorrect but you refuse to print a retraction?  Typical

Vancouver Sun.

Not sure how Award Winning Journalist is chosen but I would think one

parameter would be truth in reporting or when a mistake is written that a

retraction is printed but I guess it is a case to continue to “bulldoze” if

it helps your story. 

“It is about creating a story with relevance that gives me attention and I

win awards for my reporting not the collateral damage through inaccurate

reporting and being part of the continued false PR campaign”.  GH

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Subject: Re: Vancouver Sun: Question – what next – after rehearing denied

Importance: High

Hello Mike,

Thanks for this.

Just FYI ― It does not look like this will go overnight. Probably next day.





Vancouver Sun

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Subject: Vancouver Sun: Question – what next – after rehearing denied

Importance: High


I have a very full day and writing this on the fly because if I don’t

respond you will write what you will write and  again it could be misleading

at best and false at worse which has happened in the past.   Please ignore

any syntax errors but this is being done on the fly.  When are you

publishing the latest article about me?

I am a little hesitant to interact but if I don’t interact you

seem to print misleading information.   Your article several months ago that

implied that I somehow used investor money from Canada to buy a house in

the United States was false.  The BCSC even wrote similar statements in

several court filings that was also untrue including the petition for

rehearing response  that implied I left with 21.7 million dollars that

essentially I

had stolen.  Completely false and they know it!!!   I have learned  the more

mud you can throw at someone in a court filing to make someone look bad the

better it is as part of  a strategy even if the info is not true.  It seems

I am an easy target and they have successfully labelled me as such and

successfully shut me down from making a living which does not allow me to

pay back the former investors from FIC.  Obviously a quick google search of

me and you can understand why it is impossible to do business or have a

banking relationship.  It does not matter that much that is reported is

false but the end result is even if I want to make payments all the attacks

have hampered any ability to try and recover and do such.

Remember the BCSC came to my house with a seizure on the day of my mother’s

funeral and knew it was the day of my mother’s funeral and seized all items

in my house.   I was to deliver a eulogy and they were informed what was

happening but I guess it was a good time to “attack”.   I was working to

provide the BCSC with all the documents for a debtors exam that I had to

provide but obviously I could not provide that as everything was taken from

my house.  When the BCSC lawyer was called by the Sherriff at the house and

asked if I could use my phone to deliver the scheduled Eulogy for my mother

that request was denied by the BCSC lawyer in Las Vegas.   They could have

done the seizure another day but I guess it was more about attacking and

providing as much pain as possible!!!   I am in no way implying “poor me”

but informing you of the tactics employed by the BCSC.   Are you aware there

is a lawsuit right now ongoing for 56 gold coins taken from my safe during

the day of the seizure  that did not show up on the list of items seized.

I suggest you read the many court filings so you know what is happening in

this case. 

None of this is interesting to you as it does not demonize me and help your

story of calling me a fraudster over and over and rehashing the same story.

You might be an award winning journalist but it seems full disclosure and

telling both sides of the story only happens when it is for your benefit.

 In fact, one of the BCSC  expert witnesses, a lawyer named Mr Johnson,

admitted I had no personal gain and wrote such in a court filing but again

this is something you and the BCSC have ignored and continued to write in

several court filings after his statement that I had huge personal benefit

and equally implied I took money.  COMPLETELY FALSE!!!  

I was able to totally prove the BCSC recent allegation about the house your

wrote about in a court filing false by providing sworn affidavits from

persons I borrowed money from when I arrived in America to buy the house

and they were fully

repaid with a return.    Thank god during the day of the seizure they left

behind accidentally one small box with the bank records and proof showing

none of the money came from FIC.   I am happy to provide such information to

you with the court filing  if requested but I know you are more interested

to print the story and make me look bad than gather information that

somehow shed positive light on me. 

The BCSC was only too happy to support your false allegations in the public

relations game against me  that seems to be being played that you have

decided to make myself the poster child of the story

you broke a few years ago.    I guess you don’t care about the unintended

consequence of your reporting and whatever I explain to you like in the

last conversation you ignore information that I provided again to make the

story and message whatever it is you wish to convey.  Also for the record

David Baines wrote this story originally and you rewrote it a few years

later but when it got attention you became relevant as an Aware Winning

Reporter again. 

At the time I ran FIC I was paid a very low salary compared to other CEOs

with similar sized companies and all my wealth was in the company through

options that when the company became insolvent during the subprime mortgage

crisis.  In fact all payments were current to TD Bank which provided

financing on the real estate development project you have been writing

about when the loan was called and it was a unilateral decision by TD Bank

to call all Edmonton land loans and simultaneously cancelled all financing

on lots sold to builders which there was millions in booked profits but

with financing gone that evaporated.  I called Finance Minister Flaherty at

that time and spoke to him and he said he would get back to me and he did


Below is the video that I published on youtube on what really happened and

the collapsed of my company was completely unnecessary and it taught me a

lesson never to have just one banking relationship.  TD Bank unnecessarily

called the loan and cancelled financing on building lots sold and

essentially forced a company out of business when it was completely

unnecessary and the investors were wiped out along with myself.

Michael Lathigee Writes Letter of Complaint to TD Bank …

Jul 02, 2013 · Michael Lathigee writes: This letter details the

irresponsible and unethical actions by TD Canada Trust in its handling of

the repayment of its loan to Genes

By the way there was several large deals that went very well prior to this

including investing in uranium stocks when it was under $10 a pound and

eventually rose to over $100 a pound.   Millions were made by my investors.

But these similar successes of course were ignored as they were not

newsworthy.  Similarly, countless investors cashed out of previous

investments with strong gains but again this is not newsworthy as calling

someone a fraudster sells more papers.

Your associate David Baines even states the money was lost and not taken

but again this does not seem to fit your sensationalism to villainize me.

I was the main decision maker and no one else.  It is unfortunate that

anyone else was dragged into this and the sole responsibility was mine and

should have been borne only by me.

It seems you have made me the poster child for your story of BCSC penalties

not being collected.  The vast majority of the people you write about did

in fact “steal” money but when my company collapsed I lost more than any

other investor and was financially wiped out.  Here is fact is what your

former associate David Baines wrote, may 21, 2018.  Called: David Baines:

Regulators unfairly criticized for anemic securities enforcement.  Below is

part of what he wrote and at least his reporting was accurate on what

really happened to the money but in your case it sells more newspapers to

say I stole the money.  FALSE!!!

“Which brings us to the main reason why the collection record is so poor:

most of the fines are purely notional in nature.

Consider the case of the Freedom Investment Club, which the Sun cited as an

example of poor fine collection.. A BCSC hearing panel found the two

principals, Michael Lathigee and Earl Pasquill, took $21.7 million of

investors’ money and invested it in Alberta real estate projects without

mentioning that the projects had severe cash flow problems.

……. That money was not spirited away into some offshore account. It was

invested and lost. It no longer exists.

Then the panel fined them an additional $15 million each, which, again, is

money that never existed in the first place. So the grand total of $51.7

million consists of money that no longer exists or never existed in the

first place. In fact, the vast majority of unpaid fines (by dollar value)

fall into this category. Is there any wonder these fines remain unpaid?

Both papers noted that regulators routinely issue news releases announcing

huge fines without mentioning that the likelihood of collection is often

slim to none. The suggestion here is that regulators are more interested in

sensational headlines than actual collections.

While it’s true that these releases make good headlines, it’s not fair to

blame the regulators. No commission is going to say, “We have fined Mr.

Smith $10 million, but we don’t expect him to pay.” The official position

must always be that he is expected to pay.”

It seems that by not providing all the facts it sensationalizes your story.

I am sure you are not aware of the unintended consequences of your

reporting nor do I think that you care.

I am sure that when I answer the question below you will again write

another story that reads “Fraudster appeals decision all  the way to the US

Supreme Court.”.  There are many moving parts right now and I am doing my

best to communicate with you but there are reasons I cannot answer your

question directly for at least another month but it is safe to say all

options are on

the table.   I cannot allow your request for information to harm things that

are happening on this end but I am sure you will try to do such anyway. 

So to conclude, why don’t you print a story or mention in a story the truth

that I had no personal gain and I was in fact wiped out.  That is factual!

That is the true!   Why don’t you retract your former misleading article

that somehow I used stolen funds from Canadian investors to buy a house in

the USA?”  Obviously I am sure you can imagine the damage that did but

again I don’t think you care.  I am sure you can imagine in your own

neighborhood if someone wrote a story you stole money to buy your house and

that was not true that there would still be consequences with your

neighbors etc.  Again

as I say , you don’t care as it does not sell newspapers.  

I assume because your objective is to sell newspapers and the truth does not

matter.   I feel horrible about the losses in Canada but the constant

misleading public relations campaign you have lodged against me as the

poster child of unpaid fines does inflict damage that does not allow me to

conduct business in any capacity and makes it almost impossible to  come up

with an ability to recover and pay investors back.   You are more intent to

propagate a false story against me on many of the key facts than for the

public good allow me to try and recover and pay back investors.   Yes I am

sure you would rather attack me than allow me for the public good to try to

reestablish and pay back investors.

So fire away with another story as David Baines wrote about uncollected

fines years before you,  but this is “like a dog on a bone” that you will

for the most part rehash the same story as it gives you a spotlight and

relevance but the information you provide is not fairly conveyed.  I agree

if someone stole money then report that as many of the people you write

about did in fact do that but that did not happen in my case.  But don’t

say I stole money from investors and bought a house in the United States

and show a picture of that house etc when that information is completely and

utterly false.   Again you should be aware of the unintended consequences of

this false reporting.

So my question is will your print a retraction in your article that again

you are likely to write about me that had material false information?   Will

you finally convey I had no personal gain or it sells more papers by making

me look as bad as possible?  I am sure you will use fraudster as many times

as possible in the article but again I will point out a major difference is

the fact I had no personal gain whereas the many others you have written

about actually stole money and had personal gain.

So I ask will you respond to my questions?

Again sorry for all the syntax errors and sentence splices but this was

written on the fly but you get the message I am conveying and look forward

to getting your response.

I have tried to cc your editor but could not find the email address.   I

guessed based on your paper who might be the editor and included them on

this email.  Sorry if I guessed wrong but when I called 604 689 9441 to

find out who was the editor the number said not working.  Based on past

experience I am sure this would be of little value but at least I am sure

more than one set of eye balls see my email to you.

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From: Hoekstra, Gordon <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 10:28 AM


Subject: Question – what next – after rehearing denied

Importance: High

Hello Mike,

I see that the rehearing has been denied by the Nevada Supreme Court.

What¹s your next step?

I believe you said you would take this to the US Supreme Court. Will you do






Vancouver Sun

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ICOA guides on how to make money in the Commercial Real Estate Market

ICOA Webinar –
Feb 24

With a focus on the impact of Covid on the overall Real Estate market

Part 1 Overview
Renaming airports is a prime example of how our government spends time and money on actions that have no real value to all – but a very few.

As one of the busiest and best known airports in the world, McCarran is doing well. 
Changing the signage and branding alone would cost millions. 
Here we have a prime example of a divisive politician achieving his agenda by getting the support of his ‘cronies’ in Clark County.

Part 2 Overview
With a view on specific areas within the Continental US
With a focus on
The Commercial Real Estate market
& the impact of Covid

Companies have had to deal with issues
never encountered before
– all this in an ever changing political
and legal environment
That said, certain sectors have (and will)
continue to benefit
In other sectors the fallout from failures will present bargain basement ‘brick and mortar’ purchase opportunities 

Uncertainty seems to prevail!
And yet, the market will adapt in foreseeable ways presenting diverse opportunities

Also, there will be an (almost fundamentally ‘cultural’) adaptation in the work place with the inevitable and now expedited move of workers away from centralized workspace (due to our access to a ‘virtual’ / viable workspace).

The health of residential rental spaces vary over the country; however, overall it remains
surprisingly stable.

Protocols within interior gathering spaces have evolved and become familiar and comfortable to the point where they may even remain
and become entrenched.

2021 may not reflect the full impact of recent events.

We may have to wait for another year to experience the full effects.
And we must pay attention to Interest rates and how the FED reacts

The phenomena of population decline in the larger cities has accelerated due to recent events. 
The macro view is that the dynamics of change has escalated to the point of continued disruption and yet, from a macro view,
– predictable going forward.

Commercial Real-estate and affordable housing are the hardest hit to date (in all of this) and certainly
will present opportunities
At this point we must be patient; however, the club is studying the landscape and will move when appropriate.

Please click on the link below
– to view this webinar:

VIDEO LINK – ICOA Meeting FEB 24, 2021

The Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Las Vegas Golden Knights Players are a wonderful addition to the Las Vegas Community.  They are great ambassadors. 

Bill Foley on the other hand is a disgrace.  He misleads local hockey fans when he needed their support and then moves to “screw” local season ticket holders.  

Foley shows his true character of who he really is in this video.

Please watch this video that has over 1,000 views.

Lathigee vs British Columbia Securities Commission/Well Fargo apology etc

Friends and Family,

Please see the attached lawsuit (filed on Friday) vs the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).   

This lawsuit explains the illegal seizure, including the theft of 56 one ounce gold coins (not accounted for by the BCSC in their documentation of the seizure). 

In addition, despite perpetuating the lie for years, there has been zero evidence I have had any personal benefit when my company collapsed (in Canada) as a result of the ‘subprime mortgage’ crisis of 2008/9. 

The fact is – I was wiped out and lost more than anyone else within my investment group.

The complaint shows that proper protocols were not followed by the BCSC during the seizure.

It also outlines deliberate malice perpetrated by the BCSC in conducting the seizure, which occurred on the same day of my mother’s funeral – when I was due to deliver the eulogy.  

Not only was opposing counsel notified of my mothers condition (through proper channels) that I was in Canada in the days before her death (in Canada because I had to produce documents per a BCSC demand subpoena) but I had also notified them that I was working on it ‘under difficult circumstances’ in the face of her obvious & impending death.

The BCSC, then fully aware of my mother’s illness and subsequent death, and regardless of it, proceeded with the seizure.

One would have hoped for some small modicum of decency to prevail, even if for only one day, yet the BCSC proceeded with its agenda.

Then, in taking my cell phone during the seizure, BCSC’s legal counsel, Matt Pruitt, refused to return the phone, wilfully denying me the ability to, (not only be in contact with my family during that day but also) deliver the eulogy which my family expected – albeit by phone (which, given the pressures I was under, they understood). 

My family, aware of the unending and unlawful tactics resorted to by the BCSC were left further distressed on a day of our mutual grief as to what must be going on to have resulted in my “no show”. 

Subsequent to the seizure “contrived” news articles caused banks to shut down accounts belonging to my wife and myself. 

In fact some time ago Wells Fargo sent an apology letter stating there was no fraud in my wife’s account and sent her a check for $150 in compensation.  

I also received 2 similar letters and checks for $150 each and Wells Fargo followed up a few times to ensure the checks were cashed.  I assume this is because, if we cashed the checks, it is an acceptance of settlement.  My wife and I will not cash these checks.  I want to leave the legal door open to hold the banks accountable when I am through this.

Mike tackles the BLM Movement

In this video Mike does not hold back.
Referring to a grouping (first identified by a former President – but now with a new ‘spin’) he talks about The Silent Majority.  
He discusses what this group of Americans either refuse or are afraid to state.   
He continues to tackle his concerns with the Black Lives Matter Movement, affirmative action programs and why the 2nd Amendment must be preserved in order to keep an overzealous government in check.   
He finishes by discussing the fact that the Democratic Party has had a long history of the support of slavery and that the efforts of the BLM really should be directed at changing the name of that party. 
As ever, he offers not only these challenges but also shares a vision of the options we could avail ourselves of – towards a more equitable America for everyone.

Please see the intro to Mike’s newest presentation.  

This talk was sent to a conservative think tank group and already has over 1000 views and many thumbs up.   We think this is an important message to communicate and if you agree please share this video with others and post on your social media.  

It is time for the ‘silent majority’ to be heard!

Click here to view the original video with over 1k views youtube.

ICOA – Meeting  – August 26 at Ahern Hotel / Video / Mike Lathigee on Gold & Silver

The ICOA meeting  – August 26
at the Ahern Hotel.

Below is a link to the video of the Mike Lathigee UPDATE
on Gold and Silver

Mike Lathigee updates members on Gold and Silver positioning

Mike provides an understanding or what to do right now in order to position oneself in these turbulent times.

From physical possession to ETF’s to more aggressive strategies he details specific ‘plays’.

He also advises on what to watch for, stay away from
& how to maximize on market fluctuations.

To view this video please click on the button below

ICOA Meeting August 26 at Ahern Hotel / Mike Lathigee on Gold and Silver

Mike Lathigee on BCSC and Recent Press | Michael Lathigee $16 Million Judgment

Mike Lathigee has a strong following of club members across America. Recently the British Columbia Securities Commission domiciled a judgment against Mr Lathigee for $16 million. In this video Mr Lathigee fully discloses what happened in Canada and updates members on what is happening in the case. In addition, you will learn all the details of Mr Lathigee projects in Nevada and the track record to date. Michael “Mike” Lathigee fully transparent on BCSC ruling, recent coverage on the Review Journal and his participation in the Investment Club of America.

Please see attached youtube link with over 6000 views

July 14 meeting / Guest Speaker Jo Ann Skousen / Hosted by Mike Lathigee and ICOA

Jo Ann Skousen – Guest Speaker
Founding Director
Anthem Film Festival
Jo Ann Skousen is the co-producer of FreedomFest and the founding director of the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival. She also serves as the entertainment editor and chief reviewer of Liberty magazine ( and teaches English literature and composition at Chapman University and Sing Sing Correctional Facility, where she has encountered some of the finest students of her teaching career. She is featured in the HBO documentary Zero Percent, about Sing Sing’s college program ( Jo Ann has a master’s degree in English literature from University of Florida, and has taught English at Rollins College in Florida, Mercy College in New York, and Chapman University in California. Jo Ann is also the author of Matriarchs of the Messiah: Valiant Women in the Lineage of Jesus Christ, which offers a bold new perspective on women in the Bible as intelligent, courageous problem-solvers who used their agency to make wise and often clever choices. 

Joanne does a great job of addressing the current civil rights movement and her thoughts on the Black Lives Movement.   Joanne is a huge advocate for making a positive difference but what is so amazing is that her well meaning intentions can be misperceived as racist.  Things have become crazy!

Joanne is an advocate for making a better world and in her scholarly manner she addresses what is happening with today’s civil rights movement and many of the dangers in this current movement.   Joanne discusses similar historic civil rights movements and then points out the limitations of the BLM movement, that the BLM movement is ‘political’ and while she agrees with the BLM as she describes it in “small letters” she takes the stand that the BLM in “Capital Letters” is an organization that every American must be concerned about.

There are old customs that are under siege as we are in lock down. We are missing out on many events that are key to maintaining our culture. Habits are being replaced with overeating, drinking too much which is leading to depression.   Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are no longer American Rights.   Even hateful speech must be allowed in this environment and now many forms of speech as now being attacked as Hate Speech. She points out that – In the same way as someone can write an opinion that involves hate we have the right to disagree and express our own opinion as to why we do not agree.  But we cannot take away the Right of Free Speech.
The mask is a sign of executive power going too far.  We are losing our personal liberties, which is what America is founded upon.  The laws are changing daily, and she describes it as psychological torture.  It is causing confusion and depression. Lockdowns are meant to force people into compliance. It is time to reclaim our Freedom.
Joanne does an incredible job on outlining that Americans must realize we are losing our Freedom and that power-hungry Governors are repressing citizen freedoms.   This meeting was a strong voice that we must not comply, and Liberty and Freedom must be protected and fought for by all Americans.
“Persuade Americans and don’t force us” was her message.
After Joanne speaks Mike Lathigee asks – how is it that a person like Joanne, who deeply cares for humanity and is on the front lines helping people, can be called a racist? Then Mike discusses the insincerity of corporate and high-profile individuals who support BLM due to compliance to pressure rather than what they really believe.
Mike does express one positive aspect of the BLM moment which is – much needed changes to the judicial system. Those charged with Federal Crimes are bullied into taking a pleas bargain deal -even if they are innocent.  Judges will rule routinely in favor of their ‘employer’ (the government) as they do not want to “rock the boat”. Overzealous prosecutors have been known to withhold information that can vindicate a defendant.   Mike uses Lori Laughlin as a great example of the governments bully tactics.

ICOA July 14 meeting video 3 Jo Ann Skousen

A message from the desk of Mike Lathigee.


As you are all aware – for the last year, and especially since January, I have been telling members to increase your gold/silver holdings to at least 10% of your total net worth. 

I then encouraged members (based on the ‘fundamentals’ as well as what is happening globally) to increase that position to 20% of your net worth.  This guidance is documented in many club meetings and writings that have been sent to members.  Historic articles and videos can be found at and the club website. 

So the question now is – What do I do right now to make money?   Well I have stated on numerous occasions that silver moves very violently up and down.   Since March, it has skyrocketed from $14 to today over $24 an ounce.   Many of the silver and gold mining stocks have doubled or tripled during this same time.    For those who still do not have exposure to gold or silver I would suggest to take a position. The main reason is – I see continued weak US economic performance, which is very bullish for gold and silver – due to a weakening US dollar.    I also believe a position in an ETF that focuses on gold and silver mining companies has much more upside potential than an ETF that simply focuses on the spot price of silver.  

Platinum is the next precious metal that I see having an opportunity to move (it is ‘lagging’ for now).   At some point, I believe platinum will catch up to gold.  I will keep you posted. 

One of the main reasons I remain so focused on gold and silver is because of the non stop printing of money by the Feds while corporations have leveraged their balance sheets from 3 trillion in 2005 to $71 trillion today.  In that same period US companies have spent over $6 trillion on share buy backs  instead of investing in the business and share buy backs create no economic benefit except inflate share prices and make executives rich. 

Precious metals will continue to move up due to the the following factors – ongoing financial crisis, negative US Treasury yields, a flood of ‘quantitative easing’ by central banks, fiat currency debasement, zero to negative official interest rates, out of control government spending, huge global debt, a weakening US dollar & the risks of hyperinflation. Not in the last several decades have all these factors happened all at the same time making gold and silver so attractive. 

I know my message has been the same for a long time and those who listened are seeing massive gains through taking past action but it is not too late. 

I believe silver will continue to move up much faster than gold – with wild consolidation periods.  Industrial demand for silver remains strong. More than 100 silver mines around the world are closed due this ‘covid’ phenomenon and now there is unprecedented strong demand for silver coins.  In addition, when I was looking at historical data, silver peaks before gold and it does ‘moves’ that are significantly more dramatic both upward and then downward.   As I watch CNBC today, (July 28) the main story all day has been the bullish run on gold and silver – as the masses take some profits along the way and enjoy the ride.  We were a year ahead of the masses in our conversations about gold and silver. 

For those of you holding now – a large position in gold and silver – I believe we will continue to see the move upward but expect consolidation periods along the way which will open up for new buying opportunities.    Silver is always of particular concern when investors hold it because it moves up and down faster than any other commodity I have seen.  It is for that reason that – for those holding a silver position – it is good to take profits along the way.  I believe silver has much more room to run however. Taking some profit in your silver mining companies, silver ETFs etc. makes sense at above $23.5 an ounce.   I suggest take about 10% profits on your silver holdings now and stay long the rest of the position.  For more conservative investors you might take more profits at this time.  

Despite the uncertainty in the markets, the ‘LVIC Fund’ continues to perform and 350k of 2 million was allocated into the stock market.  In less than 60 days that 350k has increased to over 450k.   In addition, a few of the private placements that manager / member Praveen has overseen are now engaged in additional financings at higher prices than those when we became involved. 

In the oil project – Mark and Paul are in an incredibly strong cash position and that bodes well for all involved.   Their prudent management style of sound negotiation and buying at a massive discount will pay off in volumes to all those involved.  At the moment the team is deep into negotiation on an acquisition target.

Our largest project led by Jeff Clark is being masterfully managed.  You all received an update that he is now leading the industry by moving his gyms outside.   We are already seeing a influx of new gym members who  were unable to work out anywhere else; however, he is juggling regulations and with only one outdoor gym opened so far he is working on the others to try to get results and generate income.  I have said it many times in the past and will say it again – Jeff will ensure we see our way through this difficult time and I am confident we will prosper and have several new opportunities because of the many other gyms going out of business.  This is a testament to Jeff’s capability as many other entities are either gone or will not make it. 

I took some “heat’ after our last club meeting from “Big Brother” for having an event that was in excess of 50 people and no face masks.   Big brother is watching and I am doing my best to keep up communications and balance it with regulations.      

What I see in the coming months is tremendous opportunities in the stock market and the beaten up commodities sector as a result of a weak US dollar because commodities are priced in US dollars.   I am looking at specific sectors that I believe will be beneficiaries.  In the early 2000s, I oversaw a $1 million investment in uranium stocks at under $8 a pound that skyrocketed to over $120 a pound and many investors made huge sums of money by investing in the portfolio and investing on their own following my teachings.    I believe there is potential again and I will update members as I see opportunities.  

In addition, many parts of the commercial real estate industry are in a shambles.   In about a year I believe we, as club members, will be looking at “bottom feeding” at cap rates that will be better than we saw in the residential real estate in 2010. These are just my quick thoughts on this week and as we prepare for the upcoming opportunities. With a solid track record of success – please share this narrative with friends and associates and post on your social media.   By growing our membership base, it will allow us to look at larger deals with less competition. It will be several months – but it is prudent we start to grow our membership base and all members will benefit with extra buying power. 

Lathigee expresses concerns about Black Lives Matter Movement

I wanted to follow up a little more on my handle on BLM after our interaction yesterday and why I take issue with BLM and communicating at the same time I support racial equality but not by bully means of BLM.

With regard to Black Lives Matter, one thing that I will say for them is that they were brilliant in naming their group, because this means that, if you disagree with them, they can say that you do not believe that black lives matter, simply because that is the name of their group. It would be like if I created a group and called it “The Sky Is Blue.” It could stand for all sorts of nonsense, but, simply because of its name, if you disagree with it, I could then say that you do not believe that the sky is blue. While this sounds crazy, I have seen it over and over again; whenever people denounce the Black Lives Matter group, those people are then condemned as racist for supposedly believing that black lives do not, in fact, matter (again, just because that happens to be the name of the group).

Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter group has little to do with the protection of black lives (even putting aside all other lives, which deserve just as much protection, one would think). The Black Lives Matter group certainly has not been protecting black business owners from violent rioters. They do not seem to care about black victims of gangs and violent crime, since defunding the police will mean more such victims. (Maybe they would be more honest if they called themselves CERTAIN Black Lives Matter, but I suppose that it does not have the same ring to it.)

Instead, the Black Lives Matter group seems to stand for anarchy, violence, and the total destruction of the freest society in history. In addition, they have even taken several stances against Israel, the only free country in the Middle East, one where minority rights are enshrined in the law and protected by the police — in fact, the Israel Police just swore in its newest cops, which included both an Orthodox Jewish man and a religiously observant Muslim woman; there is no other country in the Middle East where that has happened. I suppose that this is consistent with the Black Lives Matter group’s goal of destroying free societies.