Recently Mike Lathigee received some unfavorable press and he felt it was important to provide the facts in a short video.

Please watch the above video and below is a more detailed about what transpired.

Mike Lathigee is the Chairman and Founder of the Investment Club of America.  

He remains fully transparent regarding his track record of successes and challenges from the past.   In fact, in a recent interview with the world famous Economist Mark Skousen, Mr Skousen says ‘Mike always guides people to “Google Me” before they do business with him.’ 

Mike has lead many deals successfully over the last decade and in this video you will learn more about this track record as well as the Investment Club of America. 

Over the past 8 years, Mike Lathigee has overseen several projects – the outcome of which has been that investors have cashed in and cashed out with strong gains.  

At the same time he has also received unfavorable press as a result of the British Columbia Security Commission (BCSC) civil adjudication against him (brought subsequent to the impact that the ‘meltdown’ of 2008/2009 had on his businesses) where it was ruled that he did not have enough disclosure in two of 21 prospectuses filed at the time.   

Although the BCSC fully admitted he had no personal financial gain and, in fact, lost more money than any other investor he was still fined $21.7 million.    The judgment against him has now been domiciled in Nevada and he has appealed the decision.   Please click here to read the “attached brief” in addition to this video which explains many of the weaknesses in the BCSC case.   In addition, in this brief, the BCSC own expert lawyer admits that Lathigee had no personal financial gain. 

Mike Lathigee is currently appealing the decision with respect to the BC Securities Case.

Appellant’s Reply Brief – Click to read

There are many weaknesses the BCSC case and please see the attached court fling that points to all the shortcomings.  In addition, although many times the BCSC has led reporters to write that somehow Lathigee had personal financial gain, in the most recent court brief the BCSC’s own lawyer, Johnson, stated that “Lathigee has had no personal financial gain”.   In fact Lathigee lost more than any other investor after Toronto Dominion Bank called his line of credit although all payments were current and simultaneously cancelled all financing for building lots that were sold to builders.  Please see youtube video “Lathigee writes complaint letter to TD Bank” with over 5000 views.

About Mike Lathigee

Mike Lathigee, has spent the last ten years rebuilding his reputation after the collapse of his last company. Here are some words from several of the club members who have interacted with Mike:

Mike Lathigee has gone to extraordinary lengths in conveying his experiences from the past.

Including the good & the bad.

We all stumble and fall.

It is those who continue, prevail and then succeed that seem to draw the ire of those who are unwilling or unable to do the same.

There is a saying
Those who can – do
Those who cannot – teach
But it also seems that those who cannot – do or teach – persecute!

Mike has focused his fierce criticism on the ‘traditional’ investment models – & included the regulatory bodies, and their lawyers, within this focus.

10 years ago, after the meltdown of ’08/’09 these lawyers found a weakness & they pounced. 

They have been relentless in their scrutiny in the years since, in the attempt to add fodder to their agenda – but to no avail.

Mike will not back down and neither will they desist in perusing an agenda the source of which he has discussed ad nauseam – and really is quite dated.

The whole issue is covered in the document ‘My name is Mike Lathigee’ for those who care to read it.

He has relationships with a group of accredited / sophisticated investors which (in most cases) spanning many, many years.

Highly educated with various skill sets they interact closely with Mike on current deals and deals they have cashed out on.

There can be fewer relationships as volatile – as they kind they have with Mike – and yet they will enthusiastically endorse this man.

We leave it to the reader to decide their own mind, however; state for the record that Mike has always worked to the best results for his investors and will continue to do so regardless of the consequences.

My name is Mike Lathigee

I am the Founder of the Investment Club of America (formerly the Las Vegas Investment Club).

For well over a decade I have been an outspoken advocate for investors in the face of ‘traditional’ investment practices.

Investment advisors, banks and regulatory lawyers have suffered intense critical scrutiny under my focus (conveyed to tens of thousands of people – over the years).

As a result – I have had an impact on the ways in which those people (who have heard my messages) view the ‘system’ and as a result – invest !

I have made enemies – especially among the powerful entities and people who have grown wealthy and continue to prosper in the ‘traditional’ models.

After the meltdown of ’08 – the TD Bank in British Columbia, Canada (where my business was located at the time) utilized mercenary tactics and forced me into insolvency – even though my loans were completely up to date. This is well documented in my fight on behalf of investors; however, the effects were devastating.

For an idea of what this fight entailed – Please click on the link below to see my letter to the President and CEO of TD Bank. Feb 17, 2011

I also came within reach of the British Columbia Securities Commission’s lawyers.

Utilizing ‘non disclosure’ (ubiquitous in securities language and almost impossible to defend against) as the basis of a case against me – these regulatory lawyers made a decision to assess me a

$21.7 m fine.

Even though the fines they have assessed in (what could be considered) similar circumstances – range significantly lower.

I submit that the ‘back story’ related to my criticism of this group underscores why a case was made in the first place, why the case was advanced – as well as the fine and its excessive nature.

Without it – this case being brought against me would have been truly bewildering.

This is underscored by the fact that even the BCSC regulatory lawyers admited that there was no evidence (beyond a modest salary) that I received any gain personally.

I will not linger on this any further here – Other than to say that ‘vindictive’ seems an apt adjective to apply to this ludicrous and clearly excessive fine – and that I will continue to fight against it and the judgment that produced it.

(An appeal is currently underway on the BCSC judgement – with the Supreme Court in Nevada).

I make no secret of this Civil Fraud case, its outcome and ongoing appeal. That said, I will continue & remain committed to speak out wherever and whenever – I see fault within the system.

(My 352 page book called The Investment Revolution is a scathing overview of the financial system and financial brokers and service agents).

Please go to and and see there are 2 sides to everything.


From the desk of Praveen Varshney

I have known Mike Lathigee for more than 25 years from when we first met through YEO (now known as EO), the largest organization of entrepreneurs in the world.  Over this time I have developed respect for his talent, determination and track record.   

I have also witnessed negative press directed at him, which seemed more interested in “the story” than the facts.  For example, when his company failed after the “Global Meltdown” of 2008/09 he was portrayed in the press as having attained and holding large personal gains when he had actually lost more than any of his investors and in fact was completely wiped out.  Even the regulators (who ruled against him) admitted that he had attained no personal gain and yet the press continued with misleading stories. 

Now ten years later, I have had the opportunity to come to Las Vegas and speak multiple times at Las Vegas Investment Club meetings and to meet many of the investors, many of whom have been with him for some years now.  What they convey is that they are very pleased with his results.  And when it comes to transparency, they say he pulls no punches sharing openly everything that’s being said or written about him “Google my name and ask me any question you want”.

As a professional investor, I see how Mike structures his investment opportunities, he puts his investors first with the management team getting nothing until investors are fully repaid which shows a high level of integrity.  

Despite the difficult circumstances Mike’s had to deal with over the years to try and help clear his name, he’s been very open and transparent with everyone including the regulators, he’s never run away to hide and been very cooperative as he’s rebuilt a very successful investment club and track record in Nevada.

In conclusion, I am proud to be associated with Michael, am currently doing business with him and will continue to do so. 


Praveen K. Varshney, FCPA, FCA


Varshney Capital Corp.

Vancouver, BC


Praveen Varshney has been a principal of Varshney Capital Corp., a Vancouver based merchant banking, venture capital and corporate advisory services firm,

since 1991.  

Mr. Varshney obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in 1987 and is a FCPA, FCA.

He is a director or officer of various publicly traded companies including Mogo (Co-Founder) and BetterU Education Corp.  He is also a Co-Founder of G-PAK and former CFO of Carmanah  Corp. which became Canada’s largest solar company.  He also was Co-Founder of a predecessor of Mountain Province Diamonds who’s Gahcho Kué in September 2016 became the world’s largest new diamond mine since 2003 & De Beers’ second-largest producer behind its Jwaneng mine in Botswana.

Mr. Varshney is a Toniic member and a long-time member of both EO Entrepreneurs Organization & TiE (Founding Director).  He’s also on a number of non-profit boards such as The Varshney Family Charitable Foundation, and a Founding Member of  He’s also an SVP Vancouver Partner, a Vancouver Police Foundation Trustee, and on the Advisory boards of Room to Read – Vancouver and The Thomas Edison Innovation Foundation in New Jersey, USA.  He also Co-Founded with his daughter, Jaiya, Down to the Last Straw, a global movement to reduce plastic waste with a major focus on single-use plastic straws. Mr. Varshney is also a past recipient of Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40 Awards.

My Experience with Mike Lathigee

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing this letter to discuss my professional experiences with Mike Lathigee. I have been representing Lathigee for twelve years, handling all of his corporate legal work, including structuring deals, drafting contracts, and handling SEC compliance. Despite what I consider to be unfair scrutiny and press in Canada, I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with Lathigee. More importantly, all of Lathigee’s investors and strategic partners that I have met through the years have been treated fairly and have continued to work with Mike on a variety of transactions in many different industries.
The first project in which I represented Lathigee was an assemblage of condominiums in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project spanned 5-7 years and led to a significant exit for all investors involved. During the 5-7 years of growth, the investors received regular payments of cash flow from the condominium rents, and subsequently received a final payment reflecting the capital gains generated from the project.
The real estate project was followed by a series of transactions in a variety of industries including investing in a payday loan business, a law firm, and a portfolio of fitness gyms. All deals were substantially vetted, and all either met or exceeded performance expectations. The performance was primarily driven by Lathigee’s extreme attention to detail, overwhelming availability to assist the executives of each business in their growth plan, and consistent communication with all investors involved.
The most significant feature of my experience with Lathigee arises from the observation that the same names continuously appear on the capitalization tables of all deals. The fact that Lathigee’s investors continue to participate in deal after deal indicates they are not only satisfied with their investment returns, but also with the overall experience, particularly the level of disclosure and communication received from Lathigee and the executive teams at the various companies where investments are made.
In addition to the various quality deals that Lathigee has facilitated, I have also witnessed Lathigee mentor young entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Many of these entrepreneurs have become significantly more seasoned after receiving Lathigee’s guidance, and they have been able to grow several profitable businesses.
Lastly, outside of the business realm, Lathigee is an active participant in the local Las Vegas community. He actively donates to a variety of causes, has saved the lives of hundreds of animals, and always makes time for those that need his assistance, despite having an incredibly hectic schedule.
Very Truly Yours,

Pete Michael Rinato

Attorney at Law

300 Park Avenue

14th Floor

New York, NY 10022



Overreaching Power and Systemized Legalized Corruption in the US Government: Las Vegas Investment Club March 29, 2018

Mike Lathigee clearly outlines the corruption within our system and addresses areas of concern including Lobbyists, the unfair Plea Bargain System and the overzealous unchecked powers of Federal Prosecutors.
Politicians don’t make money by having a shrinking government. Our Forefathers and Founders of the Constitution would be rolling over in their graves to see the negative changes and how Government is too involved in our lives.
America became great over the last few hundred years by allowing it citizens pursue ri the American Dream. For the most part under the Legalized Corruption System, the American Dream as we know it is DEAD!
This is a video that all Americans MUST watch to understand how our system works and why all American Citizens MUST be concerned.
Never has the club made a request to share but this is a message the Las Vegas Investment Club wants to get out to as many fellow Americans as possible. Please share this video! Stay Tuned for Part 2.

Mr. Travis Krauss


To Whom It May Concern:

In the fall of 2015, Mike and I were introduced by a common acquaintance and shortly thereafter we began discussions pertaining to business investments. I quickly learned of Mike’s leading efforts in other business endeavors and investments, including a local Las Vegas investment club, a large gym franchise, etc as well as his involvement in a former real estate investment deal of the past.
Before meeting Mike, I was a soldier turned entrepreneur. I began my adult life in military Special Operations, being both an Airborne Ranger in the 1st Ranger Bn and an Operator in Delta Force. In my time I deployed to combat in multiple countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, I was the youngest person in the Army to make the E-8 / MSG promotion list, and I am a Bronze Star Medal recipient from early on in the war, for engaging in a high risk operation, which led us to within 2 km of Osama Bin Laden before we were told to cease advancement.
In 2009, I made the leap into business by starting my first company, which was a defense-contracting firm. This company has a focus within the military and government Special Operations sector, maintains a Federal Explosives License as well as a Federal Firearms License, possesses a TOP SECRET clearance (thus we are under constant scrutiny), and is still flourishing today.
In 2014, I made the leap into the amusement sector, in Las Vegas, and started another company. In doing so, I allowed a small select group of investors to participate.
Mike had an interest in helping one of my companies Adventure Combat Ops, of which the primary attraction is “Apocalypse Vegas – The Special Ops Experience”.
Early on, Mike was very transparent in response to any potential skepticism on my part. Even though he was the one at risk, he explained to me about past allegations against him and then he encouraged me to do my own research on him. As an intelligent business owner, I did so and it was easy to wade through the noise of media and unqualified subjective opinions to determine my own findings. It is of my opinion that the following factors played into effect:
– Mike’s participation had many other involved parties and it seemed apparent that he was used as a scape goat to some extent
– Business and investment efforts involve risk and when they don’t work out, it doesn’t mean that there were dishonest agendas
o There were multiple factors that lead to investor dissatisfaction , but I am of the opinion that none of those factors involved anything dishonest or irresponsible on Mike’s half
– The government became involved on various levels, which can tie the hands of the commercial and private sectors’ abilities

My personal findings in Mike are that he has the utmost integrity and humble character when it comes to helping and taking care of others. Not only did Mike manage his team’s $300k investment into Adventure Combat Ops without any fee, but he recouped and paid back 100% of the investment to his parties before he took any returns for himself. Truth be told, I am not sure that he has taken any returns to date. Nonetheless, he played a pivotal role in mentoring me and chairing our board of advisors on multiple occasions along the way and his conduct was always in the capacity of protecting others and success of the team first. Never have I witnessed Mike’s concern for himself. Furthermore, Mike is of the character where he has even offered to provide short term, interest free loans to me, of up to $30k, should I find myself in a tight spot. His simply response to my request was that he had no issues in trusting me. It is necessary to understand that this does not highlight my character, as it actually highlights Mike’s. Untrustworthy men do not trust others.
I have seen Mike work tirelessly to continue to help others and watch out for their best interest, in a time when many other men would have given up. Men do not continue to endeavor as Mike has, unless they feel that their efforts are truly a calling for the better good of others.
I can whole-heartedly tell you that I trust Mike with anything that I have and that I would have no reservations about doing future business with him. Moreover, I will continue to seek Mike’s advise pertaining to business and financials, not only due to his intelligence and experience, but because of his selfless character towards how he considers others first in his decisions.
Link to Original letter

Recently I received some unfavorable press that I felt it was important to provide the facts in a short video.

Over the past 7 years, I have spent countless hours continuously working, without compensation, to do everything possible to regain value for my shareholders. Along with myself and my former Chief Operating Officer, Earle Pasquill have also toiled continuously on behalf of those shareholders. Any impression that I had any personal benefit is untrue and even the adjudicators who ruled against me in Canada, admitted I had no personal financial benefit and in fact was the largest financial loser.

Part 1: my interaction with investors who have worked with me for many years.
Part 2: an interview where I address many issues
Part 3: TD Bank you tube video where I disclose what happened.

Proud to call Mike a friend, colleague, and role model.

To Whom It May Concern:
I first met Mike as a client many years ago, when he retained me to help him move from Canada to the United States. In the years since, he has become a great friend, which has given me the opportunity to get to know firsthand what a truly remarkable human being he is. Abraham Lincoln is believed to have stated, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Lincoln was probably America’s greatest President, as well as one of the greatest human beings to ever live, and it is a true testament to Mike’s character that he has passed the test put forth by a moral giant like Lincoln. Indeed, like Abraham Lincoln, Mike Lathigee rose from humble beginnings to a point where he now wields a great deal of influence with his ever-expanding group of admirers. Lesser men have been corrupted by the intoxicating effects that such power can bring. However, Mike (like President Lincoln before him) has such a strong moral compass that he has been able to resist such a temptation. It is for this reason, for example, that, when Mike’s previous company, Freedom Investment Corp (FIC) experienced troubles that caused it to be put into receivership, Mike did not take the easy way out and try to not talk about this or “to spin” this, something that would have been particularly tempting to do given that Mike is primarily involved in efforts to secure and keep investments from people who trust that he is competent and capable of helping their investments prosper.
 Instead, Mike spoke very publicly about FIC’s troubles and fought in the Canadian court system to have his good name restored. To this day, whenever he is asked about this, Mike makes no attempt to hide what happened with FIC, knowing that his own actions speak for themselves; it is clear that, even in the age of Bernie Madoff and other Ponzi schemers, Mike Lathigee truly is someone who can be trusted with people’s money and with all of the confidence that goes with such trust. Indeed, to quote Winston Churchill, another of history’s great leaders, “You can measure a man’s character by the choices he makes under pressure.” There are few things that bring about as much pressure as being given the fiduciary responsibility to wisely and prudently invest money on behalf of others, particularly given the significant backlash that can result if the investment is less than successful. Not withstanding this pressure, Mike always keeps a level head, no matter how stressful the situation may be, and he never compromises his morals or his integrity.
It is for these and so many other reasons that I am proud to call Mike a friend, colleague,
and role model.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should you have further questions or
concerns regarding Mike Lathigee.


Josh Effron, Esq. President Immigrant Rep, Inc

Hyland Judgment

I was at a presentation and challenged several assumptions and facts of the speaker on stage. After the presentation James Hyland approached me and asked my name and started shouting to everyone “Mike Lathigee is a convicted felon!”. He repeated it several times and I told him that he would be held accountable. It is ironic if you go to youtube and enter in the subject line, John Hyland Speaker is a Convicted Felon” you wll see a video that  has over 20000 views and John Hyland is the brother of James Hyland. I have been awarded a $250000 judgment against James Hyland for his false statements.


Click here to read the Judgment documents[616]