My Experience with Mike Lathigee

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing this letter to discuss my professional experiences with Mike Lathigee. I have been representing Lathigee for twelve years, handling all of his corporate legal work, including structuring deals, drafting contracts, and handling SEC compliance. Despite what I consider to be unfair scrutiny and press in Canada, I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with Lathigee. More importantly, all of Lathigee’s investors and strategic partners that I have met through the years have been treated fairly and have continued to work with Mike on a variety of transactions in many different industries.
The first project in which I represented Lathigee was an assemblage of condominiums in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project spanned 5-7 years and led to a significant exit for all investors involved. During the 5-7 years of growth, the investors received regular payments of cash flow from the condominium rents, and subsequently received a final payment reflecting the capital gains generated from the project.
The real estate project was followed by a series of transactions in a variety of industries including investing in a payday loan business, a law firm, and a portfolio of fitness gyms. All deals were substantially vetted, and all either met or exceeded performance expectations. The performance was primarily driven by Lathigee’s extreme attention to detail, overwhelming availability to assist the executives of each business in their growth plan, and consistent communication with all investors involved.
The most significant feature of my experience with Lathigee arises from the observation that the same names continuously appear on the capitalization tables of all deals. The fact that Lathigee’s investors continue to participate in deal after deal indicates they are not only satisfied with their investment returns, but also with the overall experience, particularly the level of disclosure and communication received from Lathigee and the executive teams at the various companies where investments are made.
In addition to the various quality deals that Lathigee has facilitated, I have also witnessed Lathigee mentor young entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Many of these entrepreneurs have become significantly more seasoned after receiving Lathigee’s guidance, and they have been able to grow several profitable businesses.
Lastly, outside of the business realm, Lathigee is an active participant in the local Las Vegas community. He actively donates to a variety of causes, has saved the lives of hundreds of animals, and always makes time for those that need his assistance, despite having an incredibly hectic schedule.
Very Truly Yours,

Pete Michael Rinato

Attorney at Law

300 Park Avenue

14th Floor

New York, NY 10022