Dear Nevada Judicial Review,

I am not surprised by the total disregard for a valid complaint and further proof that cronyism is alive and well at Nevada Judicial Review.  I will point out just a few of your false statement in your response to deny my complaint. 

In regards to your dismissal of Judge Harter not showing up for work, there is VERIFIABLE video evidence and multiple people ready and willing to testify to this fact.  Here is a link to the video evidence showing him not showing up to court or his office.–the-AWOL-Life-of-Mathew-Harter.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=h2UXWOPPlzk

I’m certain this verifiable VIDEO EVIDENCE from MULTIPLE OCCASIONS couldn’t possibly be the ‘baseless allegation lacking objectively verifiable evidence from which a reasonable inference could be drawn that a judge committed misconduct or is incapacitated.” NRS 1.4657(1).’ that you said it was, could it?  I’m sure that was just an “oversight” on your part.  But let’s continue….

In regards to your dismissal of Judge Harter’s inappropriate behavior on the bench, filing a bankruptcy and committing perjury and fraud, well again I am certain this is just another “oversight” on your part.  So please allow me to enlighten you with the evidence you say that I am lacking again in my ‘baseless allegation lacking objectively verifiable evidence from which a reasonable inference could be drawn that a judge committed misconduct or is incapacitated.” NRS 1.4657(1).’

On December 22, 2015, Judge Matthew Harter filed, under penalty of perjury, with the Bankruptcy Court Official Form 122A-1, which discloses the debtor’s monthly income of $0, which is odd because Harter was working as a Family Court Judge back in 2015 and presumably receiving a salary.  Apparently, Judge Harter falsely declared $0 income in order to appear sufficiently “broke” to have the standing to qualify as a legit debtor under the Bankruptcy Code.  (ALL SHOWN IN COURT DOCUMENT INCLUDED IN THE FIRST OF THE 3 LINKS ABOVE)  According to Transparent Nevada, back in 2015, Judge Harter received an annual salary of $185,440.74 (plus benefits of $56,419.61, for a total of $241,860.35.  (ALL SHOWN IN THE SECOND OF THE 3 LINKS ABOVE SHOWING HIS SALARY AND BENEFITS GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2009)  (THE THIRD LINK OF THE 3 LINKS ABOVE SHOWS THAT THIS HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO THE COURT’S ATTENTION VIA MULTIPLE MEDIUMS AND IN PERSON AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO AND YET YOU DO NOTHING) On January 23, 2016, just one month after filing bankruptcy, Judge Harter took title to a single-family home at 575 Gann Ave. Langdale, Nevada. This single-family home was quitclaimed to Judge Harter from Michael L. Bolton. The grantor, Mr. Bolton had taken out a non-assumable V.A. mortgage loan just months before he quitclaimed the property to Judge Harter.  Judge Matthew Harter never disclosed in his bankruptcy case this $300,000 asset.  Based on facts of public domain, Judge Harter defrauded the Bankruptcy Court when he wrongfully submitted a fraudulent income statement and wrongfully failed to disclose that he had come into possession of a home in Langdale, Nevada, and conspired with Michael L. Bolton to commit mortgage fraud in connection with the V.A. home loan.  Despite the court documents signed by Harter, and all this being now verifiable public record, surely the can’t be what your refer to as a ‘baseless allegation of lacking objectively verifiable evidence from which a reasonable inference could be drawn that a judge committed misconduct or is incapacitated.” NRS 1.4657(1)’, right?  Clearly, just ANOTHER oversight on your part, right?  Well, let’s continue to what, most assuredly, is just yet ANOTHER oversight on your part.  For in depth statements regarding Harter’s wanton disregard for the laws he is supposed to uphold and his fraudulent statements and false documents, see the following link:

In regards to your dismissal of the burglary, it was NOT Judge Harter but his son that was involved in the crime.  Harter was just very quick to send his son away before he could face any repercussions.  This is evidenced at the link here:

This has everything to do with this Judge being responsible for handing down decisions on other people’s family’s when his own is a complete mess!  Would you trust a junkie to give you life coaching, obviously not.  Nor would you trust the judgements handed down to others families from someone whose own family is a disaster!

I’m sure these are all just oversights on your part and now, when presented with the OBJECTIVELY VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE, you will reverse course, right?!  I’m sure my presentation of evidence won’t be overlooked and you will cease and desist from the constant assertions that my claims are ‘baseless and lacking objectively verifiable evidence’, right?!  I won’t be holding my breath.

In receipt of your dismissal I must completely disagree with this kangaroo court decision.  Based on the extensive reading I have done online about the Clark County “Old Boys’ Network, it seems that your organization is not impartial to its influence either and will do what is necessary to protect one of its own. My complaint against Harter never stood a chance. I have been completely blocked from seeing my son due to financial limitations and you are part of the system to support such injustice. 

 I have run my complaint by several trusted associates  who feel my complaint was valid and my due process rights completely violated.  I further note that lately all your email responses are generic without a person’s name due to the reporter I am working with not having a contact name.

Bottom line is I was ransomed to pay a fee I could not afford and Harter did not allow my filing as a result.   It is not outside of the realm of logic that side agreements that could exist between a judge like Harter and his fee billing cronies, especially in light of the evidence I have presented of his fraud and perjury.

There is a reporter closely following what has transpired in my case and Harter seems to be the target of further investigative reporting.   In my opinion he is not worthy (based on his long checkered past) of being anywhere near a judges bench.  It is not just me, but many others whose rights he has violated.  You are well aware of his history but it seems no matter what complaint was lodged, you will not take action against him due to his well-connected friends including a family member.

I am confident that the crony network is strong and my comments will be forwarded to Harter.  I certainly intend to share my comments and you are welcome to share them with Harter, sorry but cannot put Judge in front of his name, makes me ill.  😉