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Hyland Judgment

  • I was at a presentation and challenged several assumptions and facts of the speaker on stage. After the presentation James Hyland approached me and asked my name and started shouting to everyone “Mike Lathigee is a convicted felon!”.

Vindication Continues: Mike Lathigee Wows Crowd at FreedomFest 2017

  • The 10th edition of FreedomFest, an annual gathering that brings together Libertarian-leaning thought leaders, took place last week at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas.

Lathigee holds Lathigee holds Alberta Lawyer Accountable and Lawyer Submits Resignation

  • We are heartened with the findings of the Law Society of Alberta brought against Malcolm Lennie QC. Mike Lathigee fought for years to hold Malcolm Lennie QC accountable for his actions.

More Vindication for Michael (Mike) Lathigee!

  • I continue to work for my former investors and win cases. I am in the process of winning another case. This is the case against Kenneth Horne and Arlene Horne who colluded with our legal Counsel at the time (Malcolm Lennie).

Allegations Withdrawn

  • In addition to a victory in the Supreme Court of Appeal please also see the Alberta Securities Commission Notice of Withdrawal that says, “the allegations…have been withdrawn”  After many years the truth has finally come out!

Lathigee Finally Receives Vindication!

  • I am delighted to attach a copy of the decision of The Court of Appeal of Alberta.

Memorandum of Judgment: Memorandum of Judgment: FIC Real Estate Fund vs Phoenix Land Ventures – John Tansowny & Dennis O’Dowd

  • In the Court of Appeal of Alberta Citation: FIC Real Estate Fund Ltd. v Phoenix Land Ventures Ltd.


  • Sean Barry is a lawyer from California who is a 2.5% minority shareholder in a fitness business. I arranged for investors to purchase ownership of a significant larger interests in the business.

To: David Baines, Vancouver Sun Newspaper Journalist

  • David, Your article April 28th in the Vancouver Sun was written without any reasonable effort on your part to verify the real facts and seems to represent your own interpretation of events.