Bonehead Biden’s spending is completely out of control.   It is easy to make people happy when you spend money, but he is spending money we don’t have.  Imagine a CEO spending far more money than his/her company makes.  He/she would be out of business and/or thrown out as incompetent.   But not Bonehead Biden.   We are stuck with this fiscal fool for almost 4 more years while he runs our country’s deficit to levels never seen in history.   

Except for gold, crypto, silver and investing in commodities – Run for the hills!  Inflation is coming and may possibly rival what we saw under the Carter Administration.   With many people still collecting more on unemployment than if they worked we are creating a system of entitlement without work effort.   This is underscored by the fact that in a recent survey over fifty percent of young people under 30 supported Bernie Sanders and thought Socialism was a good thing.    

The American Dream is Dying!  The idea of working hard and “getting ahead’ by the creation of economic prosperity and jobs is being eroded by a culture of ‘if he/she owns more than I do – then I want what is his/hers’. American Culture became great and the strongest economic power on the planet based on a concept of Individualism – not Collectivism.    Biden wants to spend us into oblivion.    He is spending money on everything on his “wish list” and we don’t have the tax dollars to do it – all the while with Creepy Kamala at his side at every step.  

When Biden said, ‘I will appoint a woman for VP’ It was another one of his bonehead moves.  Pick the best person whether, white, black, yellow, red, pink or purple.    What happened there was Affirmative Action Prejudice.   

Joe Biden said he represents all Americans.  
Well if that is the case then our country is lead by someone who will drag those of us who have achieved something down along with our country to ruin and a disgrace

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