Thoughts by Club Member, Terri Salvatore, about Mike Lathigee and ICOA.

Strategy. Integrity. Heart.

These are three words that come to mind when describing ICOA.

Mike explains each opportunity from a strategic perspective, with a broad view of how current events tie in with the attraction of a potential investment.

The club is honest and transparent with respect to the structuring of each investment.

ICOA makes sure that people come first. This is not only true for me as an investor, but also for peripheral players involved in any of the transactions. Everyone is treated with dignity.

Having been a member for over a year now, it has been an invigorating experience on many levels:
The pre-meeting discussions with other members are always lively and engaging, and the guest speakers are very educational. Mike always delivers valuable and timely information on a broad range of topics. The discernment of his choices is made after lengthy research. He provides great detail in his reasoning as to why any particular investment will be a good pick.

I am very pleased with how I am taken care of through the process of each offering. Mike has gone beyond my expectations regarding his attention and consideration to each member’s satisfaction. And, above all, the meetings are fun! I never miss an ICOA gathering because I always come away inspired.