Lathigee holds Lathigee holds Alberta Lawyer Accountable and Lawyer Submits Resignation

We are heartened with the findings of the Law Society of Alberta brought against Malcolm Lennie QC.

Mike Lathigee fought for years to hold Malcolm Lennie QC accountable for his actions.  Malcolm Lennie was a lawyer representing several of Mr Lathigee’ s companies.

Through the course of proceeding it has become clear that Malcolm Lennie (acting as counsel on behalf of Mr Lathigee and his companies) committed a number of unethical acts deliberately detrimental to Mr Lathigee’s companies (detailed elsewhere on this website).

Not only did Mr Lathigee companies receive a settlement in excess of $1 million from Mr Lennie but, based on the information uncovered through this case and other files of Mr Lennie, the Alberta Law Society also accepted Mr Lennie’s resignation – as a direct result of these proceedings (the resignation was submitted to the Law Society of Alberta).

This closes a long battle against this (now) disgraced lawyer. Not only with the settlement but also with the result that Malcolm Lennie is no longer able to practice law.

This decision reflects our ongoing efforts to provide disclosure (and truth) with respect to the events leading up to, and subsequent to, the conditions in which the FIC Group of Companies (of which Mr Lathigee was CEO) was forced into receivership – in 2008.

Read the Disposition Summary – April 11, 2017 – Malcolm D. Lennie, Q.C. (01781519….pdf here.

More Vindication for Michael (Mike) Lathigee!

I continue to work for my former investors and win cases.


I am in the process of winning another case. This is the case against Kenneth Horne and Arlene Horne who colluded with our legal Counsel at the time (Malcolm Lennie). It is outrageous that Malcolm Lennie (as our attorney) did not disclose that he was one of the vendors of a property we were in the process of acquiring and that during the transaction he released monies to (his partner/fellow vendor) Kenneth Horne even before the contract of sale was fulfilled.

As a side note:
Malcolm Lennie has many upcoming hearings with respect to wrong doings and violation of his duties as a lawyer by the Alberta Law Society.

I further note that we have won a judgment against Malcolm Lennie and that he is now required to make sizable monthly payments – as ordered by the courts.

You will be shocked at the outrages steps of greed that (Edmonton, Alberta) residents Kenneth Horne and his wife Arlene took. (see attached complaint) Certainly a sequel could be made to the American Version of the program called “American Greed” but retitled “Canadian Greed” with Kenneth and Arlene Horne as a full length episode.

I have worked hard to recover monies on behalf of former FIC investors and I encourage you to read the attached update on the findings in our case against Kenneth Horne as I continue my efforts towards collecting funds on behalf of investors.

Here are a few of the findings in this current case:
On or about October 15, 2007 $530,000 was transferred to Horne for no consideration.
On or about February 5, 2008, $550,000 was transferred to Horne for no consideration.
Horne used these monies for personal expenditures and the acquisition of assets.
He is working with his wife Arlene Horne to try and retain those assets from the proceeds of these unjustly acquired funds.

We already have judgment against Horne but he battles fiercely in order to not to pay the monies back. My objective is to pursue him every step of the way and if necessary force him into bankruptcy.
He joins the ‘Hall of Shame’ with Dennis O’Dowd and John Tansowny (you can read about them on other blog posts).

This guy should be in prison!!